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Gimkit transforms learning into a fun, interactive experience. This quiz-based platform encourages student engagement on their own devices, making learning feel natural and enjoyable. Designed by a former student who found inspiration in gamified learning, Gimkit is tailored to students’ needs and interests – they’ll be eager to come back for more!  Could Gimkit be the perfect tool to revitalize your classroom? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a web-based learning platform that merges the principles of traditional quizzes with the fun and excitement of gaming. Teachers use Gimkit to create “Kits,” or collections of questions covering a specific topic. Students then join live Gimkit games, competing to answer these questions correctly and earn in-game currency. This currency can be strategically spent on upgrades and power-ups that give students advantages within the game, adding a thrilling and dynamic layer to the learning process.

What is Gimkit

Gimkit’s unique appeal lies in its transformation of review sessions into engaging, student-centered experiences. By incorporating elements of competition, strategy, and rewards, Gimkit fosters genuine enthusiasm for learning. The platform encourages both accuracy and speed, and it adapts easily to diverse subjects and learning objectives. It even offers features for students to create questions, promoting collaboration and a deeper sense of involvement in the learning process.

So What’s New For Me in Gimkit?

Gimkit keeps getting better! The latest Gimkit Creative update brings exciting changes:

  • 5 New Game Modes: Expand your gameplay options with fresh ways to learn.
  • New Cosmetics: Personalize your experience with fun new looks.
  • More Gims: Discover dozens of new Gims to add to the mix.

These updates are driven by your feedback! Gimkit listens to teachers and students to deliver the features you truly want.

How Gimkit Works

  1. Teachers Create “Kits”: “Kits” are question sets on any topic. You can make your own from scratch, import Quizlet sets, or even search for pre-made ones shared by other teachers.
  2. Students Join Live Games: Using a provided code, students join your live Gimkit game on their devices (computers, tablets, phones).
  3. Earning “Money”: Students answer questions correctly to earn in-game money, which can be used to buy power-ups and upgrades. It feels like an arcade game!
  4. Game Modes: Different game modes (like team battles, time-based challenges, etc.) offer variety and let you tailor the experience to your lesson plan.

Why Teachers Like Gimkit

  • Increased Engagement: The gamification aspect motivates students and makes review sessions far more enjoyable.
  • Focus on Accuracy and Speed: Gimkit rewards both getting the right answer and doing it quickly.
  • Adaptability: Can be used for nearly any subject, from quick vocabulary checks to more in-depth concept testing.
  • Student Empowerment: The features allowing students to collaborate on question sets encourages participation and ownership.

How Students Join?

how to join gitmit

Multiple Options:

Students can join a class game through the website, an email invite, or a code shared by the teacher on their LMS platform.

Class Control and Gameplay:

  • Teacher Dashboard You’re in charge! Manage the game settings, moderate student-submitted questions, view assessment data, and more.
  • Live Game Modes: Host live games with the class working together on a projected quiz or set up competitive games between individuals or groups.
  • Flexible for Free Users: The five-student limit on the free version works well for group-based gameplay or whole-class activities with a projected quiz.

Some Outstanding Features of Gimkit

Collaborative Learning & Game Creation

  • KitCollab Mode: Turn quiz creation into a team effort! Students work in groups to create challenging and informative questions in KitCollab mode.
  • Flexible Quiz Options: Build your own “Kits” (quizzes) from scratch, import them from Quizlet or CSV files, or modify existing ones from Gimkit’s extensive gallery.

Rewards and Strategy

  • Earn In-Game Currency: Correct answers earn students virtual credits, while incorrect answers have a playful penalty. This adds an exciting layer of strategy!
  • Strategic Upgrades: Students invest their credits in power-ups that boost scores and enhance their gameplay experience.
  • Personalized Playstyles: With millions of power-up combinations, students can tailor their strategy and find what works best for them.

Exciting Game Modes

  • Variety and Updates: Explore over ten unique game modes, with even more in development! Choose from Humans vs. Zombies, The Floor is Lava, Trust No One, and more for a truly immersive learning experience.

Flexible Learning

  • Classroom and Beyond: Engage your class with live games or assign individual “Assignments” for self-paced learning. Set deadlines for homework without sacrificing student choice.

Insightful Data

  • Track Student Progress: Your teacher dashboard reveals student progress, earnings, and valuable insights. Easily identify areas for improvement and celebrate achievements.
  • Beyond Scores: Gimkit’s unique metrics separate game skills from academic knowledge, helping you understand individual needs and support every learner.

Pricing – Is Gimkit Free?

  • Start for Free: Jump right in and try Gimkit with up to five students per game.
  • Unlock More with Gimkit Pro: For $9.99/month or $59.98/year, you get:
    • Unlimited students in each game
    • Ability to create assignments for independent work
    • Option to add audio and images to your quizzes

Gimkit Tips and Tricks for Maximum Engagement

  • Collaborative Learning:  Turn quiz creation into a learning experience with KitCollab!  Have students submit questions they don’t know the answers to, sparking curiosity and shared discovery.
  • Formative Assessment: Use Gimkit for pre-tests to gauge student understanding and tailor your lesson plans accordingly.
  • Maximize Your Free Plan: Workaround student limits creatively! Have students play in groups, sharing devices, or project the game on a whiteboard for a whole-class challenge.

Concluding Remarks

Gimkit stands out as an innovative tool that cleverly disguises learning as fun. By gamifying quizzes and offering diverse play modes, it caters to different learning styles and keeps students motivated. Collaborative features like KitCollab promote teamwork, and teachers benefit from the valuable insights provided by the platform’s analytics. With its affordable Pro version and creative ways to use the free plan, Gimkit makes it easy for educators to inject excitement and engagement into their classrooms.


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