How to start SEO?

Marketing is a big part of our everyday lives. It entails activities like shopping, eating out or even talking with friends. In this article, I will teach you how to make your business successful through SEO and how to implement these SEO tips in your company’s online presence.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to all activities related to increasing traffic on web pages. The most common factors include;

On-page SEO

– This involves the optimization of your webpage to present on key keywords that relate to what people are looking for. For example, if your website is selling cars, getting more clicks on that page will be more likely and more people will get in touch with you about their needs


– Keywords on a page are words used by visitors who are searching for information on your site. They should be relevant and useful to them and they should be written as per search engine standards. In order to rank well, you need to use good keywords for your website and if you can get those keywords, people who are searching for information on your website will be able to find them easily. 


– One way to increase traffic and rank better, is to link back to your website and post quality content on your social media and blog to promote your brand. You can also link back to your homepage with internal hyperlinks to your website. Good, solid SEO is really hard to improve without help.

 So, start with getting on top of your keywords now, so that your visitors will always find the best options for them to explore on their own.

How does SEO Work?

When it comes to Google, SEO is very easy. All you need is a little bit of strategy on your side. As an internet marketing professional, you can start planning on how you want to rank for any keyword. Some SEO strategies include;

Keyword research

– Keyword analysis is one of the basic steps on how to rank for keywords. With keywords being the main sources, you would like your website to be updated with new keywords for it to rank well. Use the free version of Mozbar to create your keyword database. However, there is no guarantee that your keywords will rank well because many sites neglect their keywords when starting their SEO journey. But if they are performing really well, then you can start tweaking your content for it to rank.Once you have the list, you can go back to your old method and analyse the rankings on your keyword. After analysing your rankings, look for opportunities for improvement. These could include adding more images to your content, using high quality video for your content and optimising your website for mobile users.

To conclude, once you understand the basics of SEO, you can use SEO techniques to gain higher rankings for your website.

 Implement SEO Techniques in Your Business The following are SEO concepts;

Inorganic organic

– This implies having no content or no backlinks to your site. Organic search – Organic search means that your website is ranking within its domain. People type in their queries whenever they come across your site through various means like typing a URL on the address bar, entering a website’s URL into Google, etc.

The above definition gives you a general overview of the terms but before you get bogged down in knowing them, it’s wise to learn the essential terms and try understanding them first. We’ll discuss each concept further.

infograph example
Infograph Example: Source


– Backlinks are external Links that point to your website. There are three types of Backlinks – Internal Links – where the site is linked directly to your internal website. External Links- Externally linked websites are those which provide external references to your website. Examples of externally linked websites include YouTube and Wikipedia, both world class knowledge bases that are highly trusted for accurate knowledge.

Here are examples of internally linked websites;

Google Sites:

These are web pages on which a specific group of individuals can edit and submit changes for approval to a network of authoritative directories. Think Wikipedia or Yahoo! Although Google Pages are different in nature, they share some similarities with Google Sites.

Create An Effective Headline And Call To Action:

Create an effective headline and call to action for your website. Keep the copy short and simple to grab your readers’ attention. Make sure that your headlines and calls are consistent and brief. Adding a few additional keywords to your title and call to action will also give you added credibility. Remember that your readers are already aware of what is available to them and after incorporating a few keywords, your chances of attracting your readers to your website increases tremendously.

Build Content:

Create content that is focused on providing complete or partial answers to their questions as accurately as possible. Give people exactly what they were searching for, including links to useful resources. Try writing blogs to help you give people another view on things. Blog topics should be well written and comprehensively explained. Each blog post should contain useful information and follow-ups to provide more information. Be specific with details to capture the reader’s interest and keep them coming back for more, which will give you more authority on your website.

Have Quality Images:

Images are an extremely important aspect of your website. Having excellent image quality at your website can elevate your website’s appearance and make it appear natural. Ensure that your image hosting is secure and reliable.Do not delete the image at the end, but instead take some time to clean-up the file. This will make your image look cleaner and easier to manage. Also, ensure that you have good descriptive title tags for your pictures and videos.

Include Social Media Ads:

Add social media ads to your website. Get yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn groups and spend some time promoting their networks. Creating sponsored blog Posts and posts, as well as posting on platforms like Medium and Vocal to draw more traffic to your website. Promote your channels on Facebook Groups and LinkedIn in particular to earn more from these platforms.

In Conclusion:

Google is one of the biggest sources of traffic to the world wide web and people often try to figure out how to optimise their website for their search engine. By maximising your “SERP” and keyword ranking, it is vital to consider several SEO tips so that your business can succeed. Read further to know SEO tactics that your business can benefit from.


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